Graphic Designer/ Retoucher

Responsible for producing mechanicals from layout or spec sheets for final production. Lead responsibility for producing files for publication and press. Produces materials for creative presentations, new business and internal projects as needed. Create and ensure the delivery of correctly prepared, complete, accurate artwork to printers and manufacturers. Release files to vendors after packaging. Provides image retouching, color correction, or compositing on assigned projects. May also provide illustrations or low res comping. Duties also include prepress and studio support related projects.



  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent, preferably in graphic design, graphic communications or other related discipline.
  • Must have portfolio demonstrating required level of creativity, design and technical proficiency.
  • Working knowledge and understanding of current trends, techniques and mechanics, including photography, illustration, typography and printing.
  • Mastery of all the basic functions required to be proficient in the required software applications: InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop.


  • Uses non destructive techniques to create efficient final image assets.
  • Creates clipping paths and masks for isolating images and elements of images.
  • Sizes final image assets for appropriate repro specs.
  • Retouches all artwork according to the creative and production specifications.
  • Works with the Studio Designers, Production Manager and assigned AD/CDs to achieve desired results.
  • In conjunction with SD, PM & AD, works with vendors to coordinate digital output, outside color correction and outside retouching.
  • Advises creative on best way to achieve approved concept via illustration/retouching/pre-press techniques.
  • Prepares proofs (laser output or specified color output such as Epsons).
  • Discusses final art with assigned Art Director/CD/PM for each project.
  • Confirms all production deadlines with Supervisor/Project Manager.
  • Acts as graphic designer where necessary or specifically requested to do so.
  • Discusses outside production elements required for job with various vendors in conjunction with TM/PM/CD.
  • Reviews all work for errors/omissions with Supervisor prior to turning in work for Creative/AE/Client approval.
  • Makes all requested changes/corrections promptly and correctly.
  • Preflights, checks all artwork for correct press or usage.
  • May be called upon to maintain production/pre-press related computer equipment, including but not limited to scanning equipment, output devices, software and all related hardware.
  • Work with the Studio Manager in developing color calibration techniques that produce consistent color output from scanner to monitor to output device.
  • Perform Color correction for various media.
  • Utilizes Digital Asset Management systems and insures proper naming and file placement.

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